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Funnies Dolci


We all love the small portions for dessert at the favorite Italian restaurant around the corner.
Dolci… how promising the word alone sounds when you let it melt in your mouth.
As a rule, they are small portions of a sweet dessert, some are creamy, others tart, some baked, others frozen.
What they all have in common is that after the first serving you would like to have another one, and another one ...

It's not much different with our Dolci. They are cute little coloured portions. And if you have one, you'd like to have a whole series of them right away.

Dolci is the majority of these yarn and color portions. The singular is then dolce. It is available in three versions, as "dolce bianco" - a natural white starting yarn, as "dolce amaro" - with a gray starting color and as "dolce nero". Here the yarn is anthracite gray before dyeing. The base yarn is woolen spun in Germany.

Dolce bianco and dolce amaro are available in all of our regular, more solid colours. Dolce bianco looks the same as on all other yarns, while dolce amaro has a different colour depth and light colors appear on a gray background.

What both have in common is that the colours run more strongly on them than on other (mostly superwashed) yarns. Speckles become watercolour effects or nuances.

Since coloration is not really important with "dolce nero", it is only available in the main colors such as red, green, blue ... We just didn't want to do without this nuance completely, as it simply belongs to the multicolor.



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