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Noro Tsuido

Tsuido is the Japanese word for Tweed.

And that is exactly what Tsuio is, a hand knitting yarn with a tweed character. The voluminous thread has thicker spots here and there. The knitted fabric becomes wonderfully handy and surprisingly light, and this gives patterns a very special feel.

At first glance, the colors appear to be monochromatic, which is rather unusual for Noro. However, if you take a closer look at the thread, you will discover that it was spun from different colored fibers. Additional small neps in a mostly light color further underline the tweed character.

This beautiful pure wool is not only suitable for winter accessories such as scarves or hats, but also for warm clothing or home accessories.

Of course, Tsuido can do everything that such a natural wool can do; it not only has a warming effect, but also has a climate-balancing effect. And that even if it has become a little damp from rain or snow.

A Tsuido sweater or large scarf is a wonderful companion for winter days.

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