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The colorful Noro variety for your knitting summer

Summer yarns from Noro

Knit yourself a colorful summer with the colorful yarns from Noro.

Kompeito - a Japanese, spherical candy. The name says it all and so this yarn comes in wonderful candy colors

Natsumeki - means “summer is in the air” and captures the colors of summer.

Haurito - “Haru” is the Japanese word for spring. And indeed it is the spring version of the popular Ito by Noro. bright colors make you want to knit in summer.

Uchiwa - means “leaf fan” and the name of this summer yarn alludes to the cooling effect of the cotton it contains.

Kakigori - a Japanese ice cream specialty, flavored with syrup and sweetened with condensed milk. The speckled colors promise cooling.

Asaginu - an exotic summer yarn. Made from Japanese washi paper and fine French linen, it provides the perfect climate on the skin when it gets hot and humid in summer.

Sonata - for calm accents in the swirling color world of Noro.

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