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Hand dyed yarns - Funnies

Funnies are all of our hand dyed yarns and are our registered trademark

Hand-dyed wool brings a new and exciting variety to your hobby knitting. Every strand of hand-dyed wool is different, even if the colors and dyes are precisely documented, the character of the unique remains.

With our funnies we offer you hand-dyed wool in many qualities. From sock yarns in various material blends to the finest lace yarns made from pure silk. You can also find thick wool for warm hats, scarves and sweaters.

Take your knitting needles and use this wool to create a knitted piece of unique beauty and unmistakable character. When knitting with hand-dyed wool, every stitch becomes an experience and the finished result becomes a work of art.

In order to achieve an even distribution of the coloring effects, please work with several balls at the same time for larger Projects.

Etudes Cobweb

Yarns with yardage 1092yds/100g and more

Etudes Lace

Yarns with yardage from 546 - 874 yds/100g

Etudes Sock weight

Yarns with yardage from 400 - 490 yds/100g

Funnies Dolci

Dolci We all love the small portions for dessert at the...

Funnies - Twisted Fifties

Twisted Fifteis, sind unsere "Lieblinge" Sie sind aus reiner...

Etudes Sport weight

Yarns with yardage from 327 - 393 yds/100g

Funnies - Crazy Fifties

100% wool; 136yds/50g; pure merino-wool with a special plying...

Etudes DK

Yarns with yardage from 218 - 284 yds/100g

Funnies - Garnsets

Aufeinander abgestimmte Färbungen und Qualitäten...

Holiday Prices

Many of our hand-dyed treasures long for a new home. To make the...

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