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Etudes Curly Irisé

63% Silk 23% Mohair 10% Nylon 4% Polyesther 328 Yards (300m)/100g
Needles: US 5 - 6

A yarn full of character for very special knitting garments. It has a convincing “material-composition” out of fluffy  kid-mohair and brilliant silk.
The twinkle of the “Lurex-Irisé” turns the yarn into something extraordinary eye-catcher. Sometimes it shimmers more orange and sometimes more green it depends on the color of the skein.

Even so the yarn is lightly waved it you will get a knitted garment with a clear texture.  The silk gives the yarn a deep and warm glow.
Whether stole, pullover or a jacket ... you will get a knitted garment for your life!
A marvelous “material-composition”. Excellent spun.


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